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Sustainability as a Value

We have always made a commitment to respect the environment and we support the values ​​that safeguard people, work, land, resources and respect for nature.

We believe in the deep bond with places, with the values ​​of quality, protection and development of territory and we are committed to a rigorous process linked to the principles of sustainability to improve the impact of our production and the supply chain in which we operate. There are some values ​​that have always been in our DNA and that today guide Quagliotti in the path oriented towards sustainability and the constant improvement of ESG factors.

During the time

All Quagliotti products are designed and made to last. We build our production for any given design with this logic and performance goal at the forefront. As an example, we weave double twisted yarns, a type of yarn few manufacturers use any longer, but one which gives the maximum quality and durability to our finished products.

We firmly believe that in order for our products to last over time, we must also be sure to help our clients understand how to launder and take care of the product, while respecting the environment.

Working in both private and commercial settings, we are aware of the direct impact laundering has on the environment. We educate our customers on the practice of using ecological products and their use in both application and frequency. Additionally, we are at work on a project to develop sustainable and appropriate products for laundering which is due for release to our customers in mid 2023.

The value of people

At the center of everything we do at Quagliotti, is our people. We are a company of artisans and craftspeople that hold knowhow at their center, embracing a manufacturing tradition that is strongly rooted in our heritage and in our region. We design and manufacture every Quagliotti product in Italy as we believe that this is a key advantage in both the quality and the stature of our offering. We have never sent our production abroad and we are proud to be able to say — Quagliotti. Made in Italy.

Collaborating with the Turin Industrial Union - Association of Textile and Cotton Industrialists, we are actively pursuing the transmission of expertise and know-how from one generation to the next at our workshop. Via training courses and the opportunity to apprentice with our senior craftspeople, we have long offered an opportunity for new employees to learn and grow at Quagliotti

Raw material and certifications

We believe the path of integration between sustainability and production lies in implementing a series of concrete actions, transforming them into tangible outcomes which can then become credible projects. An example of one such project — we have completed the installation of a photovoltaic system at our factory that will allow us to produce our own electricity.

We are currently analyzing and evaluating our CO2 consumption and the companion reduction of energy and water consumption through: A robust assessment of the company’s environmental impact The identification of practices for reducing emissions, energy consumption and water waste. A full definition of the Quagliotti goals for reducing the environmental impact and the way forward to achieving them. A critical path is developed in different phases of the asses - sment, alongside reporting, KPI and communication tools, while assurance and implementation projects that has helped us reach our goal of obtaining the 4Sustainability certification.

At Quagliotti we buy the best raw material on the market, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified, but we are aware that even with this certification, in the cotton supply chain, this does not guarantee the actual traceability and the certifications upstream of every supplier involved in the chain. Because of this, we are actively engaged in raising awareness on the issue via outreach, activation and education. It is our goal that our entire supply chain will adopt certified standards and participate in a complementary circle that allows us to create a product that meets the sustainability criteria linked to the environment and the correct use of natural resources and manpower coherent with ESG.

The territory

Quagliotti’s story was born in Chieri, a few kilometers from Torino, Italy, behind the hills of Superga. It is this land, this region, that is at the root of Quagliotti’s cultural identity based on tradition, dedication and respect. As founding members of the Pollenzo Agency and supporters of the Slow Food movement, (founded in Italy in 1986 after a demonstration on the intended site of a McDonald’s at the Spanish Steps in Rome) we believe the promotion and dissemination of their values related to social responsibility and sustainability have now become an essential topic for all industries. On September 23, 2022, during Salone del Gusto-Terra Madre, the new Slow Fiber network was presented. Quagliotti, as a founding member, joined other companies in the textile supply chain to express and promote positive change in the industry through a sustainable production process, aimed at creating beautiful, healthy, clean, fair and durable products respecting the dignity and delicate balance of man and nature.