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About Quagliotti. About our family.

The story of Quagliotti, of our craft…it is also a family tale beginning in 1933, when founder Vincenzo Quagliotti bought a small weaving factory in Chieri, in the province of Torino, Italy. Vincenzo’s idea was to weave the finest Italian textiles, from which he would create the best linens for bed, table and bath.

By 1955 the company expanded and a new factory was built, beginning an industrial history for Quagliotti that has carried on to the present day.

Quagliotti has always been an Italian brand. But in the 1980’s the world woke up to Quagliotti and we began to export our product abroad as we began important collaborations with prestigious brands and designers.

Today cousins Silvia and Vincenzo Quagliotti (the grandchildren of founder Vincenzo) continue to set the course marrying tradition and technique with the creative heritage of Quagliotti and in 2015, Silvia’s daughter Eleonora Peretti, joined Silvia and Vincenzo, as the next generation of family to carry on the heritage.

Welcome to our story, welcome to Quagliotti. Benvenuto.

Quagliotti, today.

In 2024, under Silvia and Eleonora’s leadership, we are now a story of a female operated business. We continue to be committed to the values on which the family business was born in 1933 — research, innovation, quality and craftsmanship. These are the fundamentals that guide the choices we make, from the very initial design phase right through to production. As a company, we all share the passion and commitment to create the very finest Italian bed, bath and table linens. Hospitality, trade and retail.

Made in Italy

Our love for Piedmont and the Langhe.

Our deep ties are to the people and place; the continued development of our craft, the protection of the land and a sustainable way forward.

We call Chieri, Italy home, where our family of artisans and tailors, the people we work with every day, who give life to our collections, also live. We employ an ethical path in our production, one that binds people to our province with a strong sense of belonging to the land where everything was born.

Tradition and Experience

Our team, today — an example of commitment and continuity, passion and expertise.  

The raw material

As in all things, the ingredients matter. We begin our weaving with the finest, pure double twisted cotton or linen threads, alone or blended, or with cashmere yarns. Using these threads, textiles are woven on our own looms, revealing the diverse aspects and expertise of jacquard, yarn-dyed and piece-dyed fabrics. It is from these textiles that we create Quagliotti linens for bed, bath and table.

Our process

Our production chain is largely vertical, with many aspects taking place under the roof of Quagliotti in Chieri. The most exclusive yarns create the textiles with which we fashion and finish our linens, to meet the most sophisticated requests. This process gives us full control on the quality of all our creations while allowing for a high level of customization should that be required.

The Quagliotti product 

Quagliotti linens for bed, bath and table are crafted by us, from the textiles we weave, with care, attention and an unparalleled design sensibility. Quagliotti is fully made in Italy. We are proud of our family’s heritage crafting the very best products for hospitality, trade and retail.