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The story of a family, the tale of a tradition,
the depth of our experience. 

Since 1933 we have been weaving the finest Italian textiles that become Quagliotti bed, table and bath linens at our workshop in Piedmont, Italy. We are a fourth generation family business; for 91 years we have united expertise, passion, place and people.

Made in Italy

Our love for Piedmont and the Langhe. Our deep ties to the people and place. The continued development of our craft, the protection of the land and a sustainable way forward. This is Quagliotti.


Since 1933, artisan skill and technological acumen combine to weave and sew the finest linens for bed, bath and table.

Clients we serve




What we do

Quagliotti stands out among the few Italian companies who both weave and then fully produce their bed, bath and table linens in Italy. When we say Made in Italy, we mean fully, made in Italy – from beginning to end.

Our products

We utilize the techniques of the past, preserved and developed with the most modern innovations to create our bed, bath and table linens. Quagliotti is found in the best hotels, restaurants and in private projects all around the world.


The craftsmanship and processing techniques we apply in our production and finishing reflects the same values we have had since 1933. We honor quality, durability and innovation combining equally with our respect and care for the environment and our team.