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Quagliotti is one of the founders of the Slow Fiber network

Producing and consuming better, in a healthier, cleaner, fairer and lasting way means making an increasing number of people enjoy quality, beauty and pleasure while educating them to respect Mother Earth and all those who inhabit it.

Slow Fiber wants to disseminate knowledge of the impact that textile products have on the environment, on workers in the supply chain and on the health of consumers. The project promotes and supports, together with Slow Food, awareness campaigns through the testimony and direct participation of companies that operate every day in compliance with environmental and social sustainability.


The principles and founding values
of our product


Because we choose to produce without damaging materials and we give importance to the health of our planet and workers.


Because a product can have a high aesthetic quality without sacrificing respect of the environment and man.


We are committed to ensuring the well-being and enhancement of workers.


We produce without any harmful substances for those who use the products and for those who work with them. We work following a methodology that leads us to decrease as much as possible the environmental impact.


Because we believe that what we produce, through the choice of high quality raw materials, must have a long life cycle.

It is not possible to eliminate consumerism, it is nevertheless possible to change its course, combining aesthetics, ethics and quality of life, through more aware consumption of healthy, clean, fair and durable products, because they are linked to fundamental values such as the tradition, the quality, the transparency of the production chain which seem to have lost their meaning and which we want to promote.

Slow Fiber was born in 2022,
of which Quagliotti is a founding member.

Slow Fiber is a network created by the meeting between some companies in the textile sector
and Slow Food, with the goal of spreading a new
culture of dressing and furnishing and promoting
campaigns raising awareness of the environmental impact
of the sector’s production processes. 

Quagliotti, together with the other companies in the network, wants to represent positive change
by operating every day in compliance with environmental and social sustainability.