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Our measurable choices and
our responsibility towards the environment

The daily commitment to a more sustainable work and the responsibility of our
company for conscious environmental and social impact are tangible and concrete.

Process Factory

We have embarked on a path aimed at measuring and reducing the environmental impacts of our company through the 4Sustainability-Planet protocol, this protocol can be correlated to some of the objectives of the 2030 agenda. The report obtained analyzes the total footprint with respect to the environmental aspect Climate Change.

At the same time, we have activated the 4Sustainability Materials analysis project to analyze the impacts of materials, fibers, raw materials, sustainable alternatives and specific certification requirements of our supply chain in relation to production volumes.

In addition, the Assurance Planet and Materials has verified the legal requirements of EHS-Enviroment, Health and Safety.

Agenda 2030

As a company we have chosen to adhere to some objectives that are part of the
2030 Agenda of the United Nations, our production is in fact directly connected to 8
goals including:

Reducing Emissions

Through the Process Factory project, the emissions of GHG, greenhouse gas, that the company produces have been quantified. We have planned improvement actions to be implemented in the next few years which consist of emissions compensation projects and the implementation of new solutions for reducing electricity consumption.

Renewable energy

We have created a photovoltaic system that allows us to reduce the environmental impact of our company.

Raw materials

We are aware of the impacts of our product processes and choices of raw material sourcing.We have defined a strategy to identify potential substitutions of incoming raw materials over time and into next three years, replace a portion of “conventional” cotton purchases with sustainable/certified GOTS and BCI alternatives.We also aim to replace all packaging materials (currently derived from conventional materials) with alternatives derived from sustainable/certified sourced.


We have initiated a traceability process for our entire supply chain that we will expand and certify with all our partners, who operate particularly in our territory, building partnerships on the transparency of production processes.